Make Your
Message Memorable

Clarify your message and create a
compelling online presence that gets results

Your business is invisible without an online presence

Even worse: if you have an online presence that isn’t clear and compelling, you lose credibility and drive people away.

We can create and execute a plan to clarify your message, build credibility with your customers, and get your more sales.

everything works better
when you have a system

Get Aligned

When your whole company is aligned and understands the value you bring, everything you do makes sense - to you, your employees, and your customers.

be Memorable

If you aren’t remembered, you might as well not exist. When your message is clear and compelling, your company is memorable.

Gain Customers

People want to buy from people they trust. The simpler your message, the more trust you earn, and the more customers want to do business with you.

By small business for small business

We exist for you – the corner pizzeria, the personal coach, the independent hunting lodge, the handyman, and the mobile mechanic. We believe that small businesses are the backbone of the community. You deserve great marketing because you’re doing important work. 

We don’t have fancy offices, company cars, or huge expense accounts. We work in coffee shops and co-working spaces and spare bedrooms. We know every penny counts. And over the last 15 years we’ve become experts at bringing clarity to marketing.

The Process


We dive into your business to help you define the value you create so your message is compelling and memorable.


You'll get a customized, strategic system to build your online presence and increase your sales.


We'll move quickly to build your online presence with frequent progress updates so you’re never in the dark.

Wolf Mountain Creative are communication professionals with creative chops, thinking skills, and technical know how. You want them on your team.
Tom Rees
Communications Manager, Vineyard Columbus

Our work

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We’ll guide you through clarifying your message. You'll emerge with a simple, compelling, easy to understand description of your business that will help you get more customers.
Starting @ $1,500


We’ll build you a clean and simple website that works everywhere and looks great too. It’ll also provide a home for your content, which is key to credibility and getting found online.
Starting @ $2,500


You should run your business, not write blog articles. We’ll work with you to find what makes your business unique and create regular content that helps you build trust with your customers.
Starting @ $500/mo.


People want to watch, not read. In fact, YouTube is the second largest search engine. We have over a decade of video production experience and know how to create videos that connect.
Starting @ $750/mo.

Social Media

Social Media doesn’t need to be daunting. We’ll take the content and videos we’ve developed together and share them across social media to pull people to your business.
Starting @ $500/mo.

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